University of Western Australia , James T F Chong Scholarships


Study in Australia on these awesome scholarships . The University of Western Australia to provide a scholarship to encourage and assist a student, who is experiencing financial hardship, in their first year of study towards a Juris Doctor.
Scholarship Provider: As the only Western Australian University in the Group of Eight, UWA is a research-intensive institution and home to globally recognized scholars such as Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall.

We have more than 75 research and training centres and receive about 80 per cent of all research funding to WA universities annually. We have more than 75 research and training centres and receive about 80 per cent of all research funding to WA universities annually.

Degree Level:  Scholarships is available to study Doctor degree course program

Available Subject: Scholarship is awarded to study in Law.

Scholarship Benefits: The award is available for $2000.

Eligible Nationalities: Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, New Zealand Citizen, Australian Humanitarian Visa.

Entrance Requirement: To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, an applicant must

  • be a domestic student;
  • experiencing financial hardship;
  • be enrolled, or eligible to enrol
  • full-time unless the selection committee is satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances which preclude full-time enrolment; and
  • In first 48 points of the Juries Doctor degree course.

Application Procedure: Pandora is the University’s scholarship application system which enables you to apply for scholarships which you may be eligible for. You may start an application and later return to complete the requirements before submitting it for assessment. Please ensure that you provide all the required documents.


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